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JMDM-VG01 Vegetable greenhouse integrated control system

JMDM-VG01 Vegetable greenhouse integrated control system

  • JMDM-VG01 Vegetable greenhouse integrated control system
  • JMDM-VG01 Vegetable greenhouse integrated control system
  • JMDM-VG01 Vegetable greenhouse integrated control system
JMDM-VG01 Vegetable greenhouse integrated control system
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: JMDM
Model Number: JMDM-VG01
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Price: USD$400
Packaging Details: jmctrl@msn.cn
Delivery Time: 2-3days according to the quantity
Payment Terms: T/T;Western union;paypal
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs/month
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Detailed Product Description
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industrial controller


Vegetable greenhouse integrated control system


control system

Jingmin company have launched vegetable greenhouse integrated control system, is also called intelligent greenhouse control system, is specially designed for agricultural greenhouse, agricultural environment control, meteorological observation environment of the development and production of automatic control system.

1. What JMDM-VG01 Vegetable greenhouse integrated control system can be done?
1). Can measure greenhouses in environment temperature, environment humidity, illumination intensity, soil temperature, soil moisture, concentration of carbon dioxide, and other agricultural environmental factors.
2). According to the requirements of greenhouse crop growth, automatic control switch of window, roll film, fan cooling pad, biology artifical light, fertigation operation, etc.
3). Automatic regulate and control greenhouse environment, up to suitable plant growth of scope, provide the best environment to plant growth.
4). Can make the greenhouse energy saving status in economic operation, realizes the greenhouse unattended automation operation, reduce staff labor intensity, reduce greenhouse of energy consumption and run.
5). Can monitor all kinds of data through GPRS to the network, the user can check it at any network, and according to its user permissions to the corresponding operation.
6). Can remote control solenoid valve in the field, and set different fertigation schedule; Remote control and visit set different permissions, remote access with records retention.
7). Collected data can be set warning value, if beyond the warning values can send alarm to the control room or mobile phone, in order to avoid some accidents happen.
8). Vegetable greenhouse integrated control system can complete automatic irrigation, automatic spray, automatic fertilization (liquid state) and other functions, and do't need manual intervention,only operate the mouse can be easily completed the complicated motion in the office, and the system can be set automatic mode, for example, according to the current automatic acquisition of water to determine whether need irrigation or not, to realize the automatic system.
9). Realizing agricultural vegetable greenhouses of informatization, intelligence, whole course automatization,high efficient management and operation, energy conservation and environmental protection, save labour and manual work, reduce the cost of vegetable greenhouses artificial management, improve production efficiency and economic benefit, is the direction of the future agricultural informationization development.

2. JMDM-VG01 Vegetable greenhouse integrated control system core controller introduction
Using industrial-grade ARM as main control chip, is a professional design, strong interference resistance, powerful, stable and reliable industrial controller, with the following functions:
1). With 8 channels digital quantity input, 8 channels digital quantity output, can external connect human body induction, the infrared correlation, smoke sensor, etc. Also can control remote control switch, water valve, lighting, motors, etc. external work devices.
2). With 4 channels 0-10V analog quantity signal input, 4 channels 0-10V analog quantity signal output, can external connect all kind of analog input sensor, such as soil temperature and humidity sensor, soil PH sensors, can control frequency converter speed control, flux of proportional valve, need to analog output applications.
3). 128x64 LCD module, with friendly human-computer interface.
4). Integrates wireless WIFI function, through the WIFI and remote network to receive and dispatch data, also can accept mobile phones, tablet PC and other terminal control.
5). Integrated with 433M launch communication module.Can be controlled by 433 wireless remote control switch and other peripherals.
6). Integrated with 315M receiving communication module, can receive all kinds of data from the remote control.
7). Integrated with GSM/GPRS communication module, can insert SIM card, support GPRS network, voice communication function, when calling choose the lounspeaker mode;
8). Integrates 1 channel serial port communication, can communicate with other peripheral equipment.
9). Integrated 1 channel RS485 communication, can by RS485 interface communicate with other peripheral equipment;
10). Integrated intelligent alarm function.
11). Integrates temperature humidity acquisition function.
12). Integrates 1 DC motor driver chip, maximum persistent current can be up to 2A. Can be used to drive the curtain motor, door lock, motor and other peripherals.
13). Integrated with illumination intensity sensor.
14). Integrated with CO2 concentration sensor.

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